Advertising in The Marketplace

Space rates for advertising in The Marketplace are $28 per column inch, based on a 14-pica (6 cm) column width. (Example: full page, $798; half page, $390; quarter page, $195)

Ads can be the following widths: 14 picas (6 cm), 28 picas (12 cm), 43 picas (18 cm)

Here are the deadlines for advertising in The Marketplace in 2017:

Date of issue Order deadline Ad copy deadline
January/February Nov. 9, 2016 Dec. 2, 2016
March/April January 4 February 3
May/June March 3 April 4
July/August May 2 June 2
September/October July 4 August 3
November/December September 1 October 3

Order deadline means the date by which you have reserved ad space.

Ad copy deadline means the date by which finished, press-ready material is sent to the editor at

Inserts: We do occasionally carry inserts from outside organizations. The advertiser is expected to provide camera-ready material to our printer well in advance, and will be billed directly for the production cost (plus a $1,000 insert fee).