Interested in being a MEDA volunteer auditor?

Volunteer AuditorsClick here to download the brochure

We require volunteer auditors to assist MEDA’s internal auditor with audits in our field offices around the world. Each audit is usually two weeks in length.

MEDA volunteer auditors support MEDA’s vision that all people may experience God’s love and unleash their potential to earn a livelihood, provide for families and enrich their communities.

If you…

  • are interested in experiencing a project from the local office perspective,
  • have a desire to share your time and talents,
  • wish to witness firsthand the integrity of local staff,
…then serving as a volunteer auditor with MEDA might be for you!


Ideally, volunteer auditors have audit experience, but we are interested in hearing from individuals who have some accounting knowledge. The ability to speak the local language in the field and international travel experience are assets.
…then serving as a volunteer auditor with MEDA might be for you!

 How to Apply

  • Express your interest to MEDA’s internal auditor and to our Strategic Engagement area. ( Email )
  • Submit a MEDA application to our internal auditor, along with a brief bio or resume.
  • Our internal auditor will follow up with a phone conversation.

Upon Confirmation

  • MEDA will draw up a memo of understanding.
  • You will need to ensure that your insurance benefits are in place (life, health, accident, emergency evacuation).
  • Review your flight itinerary.
  • Apply for a country entry visa.
  • Get inoculations, as applicable.
  • Participate in a security de-briefing.


MEDA asks that volunteer auditors consider covering the full cost of their trip as a gift to the MEDA project you are auditing. This contribution can be receipted to you so that it is tax deductible. However, if this is not within your means, we still encourage you to serve as an auditor! MEDA is able to cover country entry visa and in-country costs for you if needed.

Expenses covered by MEDA

  • Reasonable accommodations (same location as MEDA’s internal auditor)
  • Per diem (rates from US or Canadian website) – This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and incidentals, as appropriate. MEDA pays a single daily per diem for an
  • Country entry visa, if applicable
  • Transportation to/from airport

Expenses covered by the Volunteer

  • Flight (international and domestic, if applies) – MEDA expects volunteers to reimburse MEDA for flight costs, and hopes that the volunteer will cover the balance of the costs.
  • All insurance coverage (including evacuation coverage)
  • Inoculation(s)
  • Any additional expenditures – gifts, etc.

Upon your return

  • Work with MEDA to finalize your expenses
  • Interview with staff writer for MEDA publications (print and online)
  • Share your great experience in your community(s)!!! (We can help!)