MEDA Blog - Stories from the Field

Adrien was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan until he was five years old. At this time his family received a service opportunity with MAF (Missionary Aviation Services) to spend two years in Mali, West Africa. Upon returning to Canada, he continued his education through to the end of high school in Saskatoon before moving to Waterloo, ON to begin his university education. The next four years studying Geography and Environmental Management were interspersed with summer trips experiencing international countries and exploring the impoverished corners of the world. From this increasing international exposure from travel, Adrien realized his passion for other cultures and international development, and enrolled in the Masters program of Local Economic Development at the University of Waterloo. This summer he is finishing a summer internship in Toronto, with his MEDA assignment to follow, and will commence sometime near the end of October. Adrien is extremely excited to tackle his new role with MEDA, exploiting his interests in development, culture, language, and interpersonal connections. He is pleased to serve as the impact assessment intern for Techno-Links in Nicaragua.