Company Description

Codipsa, a processor and marketer of cassava starch in Paraguay, was founded in 1998 in order to boost the incomes of small agricultural producers. Through Codipsa, local producers are now enjoying higher productivity levels and raising their incomes by opening new markets for their produce.

Codipsa is currently the largest producer of starch in Paraguay with a production capacity of 60,000 tons per year across four plants. It supplies 75% of the starch consumed in the country and has opened export markets for Paraguayan starch in 18 other countries. Codipsa is ISO 9001 certified, reaffirming their proactive approach to improving and maintaining quality standards. The project is led by MEDA Paraguay and a group of successful local Mennonite business people.


Codipsa has stimulated regional economic recovery and promoted job creation in Paraguay. More than 7,000 farmers have supplied manioc to the company. To optimize each farmer's crop price, Codipsa devised a scheduling system that details the amount of manioc each farmers should produce by a set date. Farmers receive a bonus if they are able to manage their schedule correctly and efficiently.

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