Cross-Cutting Services

RecordkeepingMEDA's programming support needs are provided by Integrated Support Services, a team of specialists in evaluation, gender, environment, and information technology. The ISS team works closely with our projects worldwide, ensuring that effective cross cutting support services are assimilated into all aspects of our programming. From concept, inception through to implementation, the ISS team provides expertise in:

Environment: MEDA takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the complex environmental issues our programming encounters. We incorporate a range of environmental assessments that ensures our work provides ecologically sustainable approaches to poverty alleviation. Across our programming, ISS's environmental experts assists both MEDA staff and clients realize a more equitable and sustainable approach, one that ensures our work is ecologically sound.

Gender: MEDA understands that gender equality is about both men and women. MEDA builds on this understanding in order to improve the economic well-being of all its clients. From the start, our gender work aims to ensure projects understand how gender-based differences and gender issues will affect impact. MEDA's ISS gender specialists use tools such as gender analysis to develop gender-sensitive strategies and interventions that not only improve gender equality but also ensure more equitable outcomes for all. MEDA also provides capacity building for partners to build gender awareness and to ensure projects meet the needs of both women and men.

Information Technology & Knowledge Management: ISS manages an information technology and communications hub that connects our global team. We leverage technology to enable our staff to pool resources, document learnings, generate new ideas, and create innovation solutions. We deploy best in class technological solutions to ensure our staff are able to connect, communicate and share while ensuring strong data security and integrity.

Measurement & Evaluation: ISS's evaluation team helps tell the story of MEDA's programming. Employing a variety of techniques – including surveys, case studies, focus groups, and interviews, among others – we monitor achievements against targets and measure project success, while uncovering the impact that's MEDA unique approach to development is having for the poor we serve.