Farmer to Farmer - Linkages for Food Security

Prevent hunger • Give from your harvest• Help the poor increase theirs • Beyond relief to lasting solutions

Attention U.S. and Canadian Farmers:
Give from your harvest to help the poor increase their harvest, optimize your tax advantage and prevent the next famine!

Your commodities – grain, livestock or produce – can be part of a long-term solution.

By donating your commodities, or the proceeds from their sale, to MEDA, you can make a generous gift to support farmers in Ghana, Ethiopia, Ukraine or Pakistan.

Farmer-To-Farmer-PicFarmer to Farmer - Linkages for Food SecurityCommodity in-kind gifts offer several tax advantages for U.S. farmers:

  • Qualify for a business tax deduction on your cost of production in the U.S.
  • Reduce your self-employment tax
  • Manage your net income

Canadian farmers:

  • Cash or grain gifts are tax deductible. Tax receipts will be issued from MEDA for the value of the grain donated on the day it is delivered.

Contributing to food security!

MEDA is helping to ensure that more food, and more nutritious food, is grown to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding population. This provides long-term solutions to the problems of food security and improved incomes for small farmers.

Helping farmers in developing countries

MEDA is encouraging small farmers in Ghana, Ukraine, Ethiopia and Pakistan to adopt sustainable farming practices and help them move away from meagre subsistence toward a more prosperous future. Small farmers learn how to boost yields through the use of better seeds, planting techniques, simple technologies (ie, drip irrigation, treadle pumps) and the responsible use of fertilizers and pesticides. Farmers reduce waste by improving distribution systems so food gets to market before it rots in the field, and they get better storage to protect their produce from the elements.

MEDA has been creating business solutions to poverty since 1953

We work with local partners to help the poor gain access to capital, markets and training. We leave behind profitable businesses and institutions that continue MEDA’s work long after we are gone. Some of our current projects:

Ghana – Women in Ghana will improve food security for their families through better access to food, and more nutritious food, advanced and diversified production, and greater nutrition awareness.

Ethiopia EDGET – Ethiopians Driving Growth, Entrepreneurship and Trade – is helping 10,000 farmers and textile producers link to better markets and climb out of poverty.

Ukraine UHDP – Ukraine Horticulture Development Project – is providing the tools and opportunities to help 5,000 farmers increase their incomes through the development of high-value crops.

Pakistan – The ENTREPRENEURS project is working with 75,000 micro-entrepreneurs in the dairy, honey/beeswax, medicinal plants and embellished fabrics sectors to cultivate markets and encourage innovation in marketing and design.

Brochure download: US VersionCanadian Version

How to donate

It’s easy to give a commodity in-kind gift (U.S.) or gift the proceeds from a commodity sale (Canada) to MEDA. Contact MEDA at 1-800-665-7026 to start the process, and download the brochure (U.S. or CAD) for more details. You can designate which MEDA project that you want to support, and the proceeds go directly to MEDA.

For more information, please call 1-800-665-7026 to speak with:

U.S. - Mike Miller or Marlin Hershey or Bethany Nussbaum or Ruth Leaman
Canada - Bob Kroeker or Marion Good

Building long-term solutions that foster self-reliance, restore dignity and promote local economies.