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Celebrate the season!

MyanmarGive gifts with special meaning!

We invite you to share the joyful anticipation of Christmas by reaching out to your neighbours in developing countries around the world.

Each gift is multiplied in impact up to seven times, on average, through funding from government and organizational donors.

Celebrate the season… because every person has the right to an opportunity to earn a livelihood!

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tajikstanFor over 60 years, MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates) has been serving the working poor around the world, bringing dignity and joy by helping them grow sustainable, locally owned small businesses that are not dependent on charity for survival.

Through innovative international development, MEDA provides a future for families and whole communities, working to enrich, encourage and assist individuals and their families in improving their standard of living.

In just the past year, generous supporters to MEDA have helped to bring new hope to more than 36 million families living in poverty in 52 developing countries around the world.

We are often asked why we do what we do. Our simple answer is that we are compelled by our faith to change lives and save lives by creatively defeating poverty.