MEDA-Legacy-Of-HopeYou can give hope to poor families around the world with a bequest to MEDA from your estate. Your legacy gift will keep working, long after you’re gone, to rid the world of poverty – one family at a time.

MEDA is a global leader in creating business solutions to poverty. For 60 years, MEDA and supporters like you have helped millions of families lift themselves out of poverty.

When you give the poor some credit through a bequest gift to MEDA, you help struggling entrepreneurs strengthen their businesses, become more productive and earn more income to sustain their families for years to come. Your life-giving legacy helps them build a future – for themselves and their community.

Here’s how it works:
Your estate gift to MEDA will help enable microfinance institutions and small companies through a special fund (SRCF) that invests in in developing countries. These funds become short-term loans to entrepreneurs who have no other access to affordable credit. As they grow their businesses and earn more income, they can fix their homes, buy medicine, send their children to school and create new jobs for others. What’s more, as they repay their loans the money is recycled to other struggling entrepreneurs, so your gift keeps giving, over and over again.
You can make a lasting difference and give hope to families around the world for years to come. Give us a call for more information, or let us know if you’ve already made this kind of estate commitment to MEDA.

Allen-and-Marie-YoderHelping future generations...

“We thought very carefully about including MEDA in our estate plans. What sets MEDA apart is their emphasis on creating sustainable solutions to poverty around the world.
“We wanted to give others a hand up, rather than a handout. We are pleased with our decision, and we encourage you to also include MEDA in your estate plans for its continued success in helping future generations. ” - Allen and Marie Yoder

Abe-Lisa-FehrCreating sustainable solutions...

“We thought very hard about the legacy we wanted to leave through our estate. It’s clear that MEDA creates sustainable solutions to poverty around the world, so we knew that we should include MEDA in our planned giving.
“We encourage others to consider supporting MEDA through their estate planning, too.” - Abe and Lisa Fehr

TinaEntrepreneur ensures Zambians can access
critical financial services

Tina recently moved from Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, to the nearby town of Chongwe to start up her own mobile money business as an agent for Zoona, MEDA’s partner in Zambia.

Her biggest business success to date is its early profitability, which has allowed her to devote herself 100% to it, although the profit margins are small.

Tina offers reliable money transfers to her new community and the difference in service and price can be seen immediately. Before she started her business, people in Chongwe used unsafe and expensive ways to move their money such as giving cash to a passing bus driver to deliver.

Tina is getting training to make her business a success.  She takes pride in providing a critical service to her community.

Contact MEDA for more information
on how to include MEDA in your estate plan
through the Legacy of Hope:
In the US: 1891 Santa Barbara Dr., Ste. 201  17601-4106
In Canada: 155 Frobisher Drive, Suite I-106, Waterloo, ON   N2V 2E1
1-800-665-7026  |  |

MEDA partners with Mennonite Foundation US and Canada
in bequest and estate planning. Mennonite Foundation offers annuities, trusts
and gift recommendation plans that can benefit MEDA through your estate.

Mennonite Foundation US – 1-800-222-5054 (Ext. 3449) -
Mennonite Foundation Canada – 1-800-772-3257 -

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